Valley End Church of England (VC) Infant School

Catch Up Funding Review June 2021

  • Class Teacher has been working with groups of early years children for 4.5 hours a week.
  • Initially target was to help build back confidence children and identify with any gaps in their learning. 
  • The children were chosen by the Early Years team based on data and teacher assessment. 
  • Class Teacher has been working with the same children in EYFS first half of summer term for continuity and to build on skills continually looking at where the needs are and add or change the groups where necessary. 

Autumn Term 2021

The focus will be to work with smaller groups of children who have not yet met the objectives in gross and fine motor skills. Maths learning will be added.

Total catch Up Funding Received: £5,600 (plus c/f £4,679.45) 

Total expenditure to June 2021: £4,434.89