Valley End Church of England (VC) Infant School

Charging and Remissions policy                 35 R

Spring 2022                                                             Statutory: recommended annual

Review: Spring 2023


We aim to provide a broad, balanced, creative and rich curriculum for all children in our care. However, it is recognised that many educationally valuable activities have been and will continue to be dependent on financial contributions in whole or part from parents. Without that financial support, the School would find it impossible to maintain the quality and breadth of educational experiences provided for the children.

Educational Visits.

For visits occurring in or during school time the Headteacher will invite a voluntary contribution from parents to meet the cost of the visit. Every effort will be made to keep these costs reasonable. All letters about voluntary contributions will inform parents that if they are unable to make a contribution, they should speak with the Headteacher. Where voluntary contributions are insufficient to cover the costs involved, the visit or activity may be cancelled.

We feel that all the chargeable activities we offer provide rich learning experiences and that we should do all we can to encourage all parents that their children should attend and that we should facilitate this when necessary through financial support i.e. offer partial or full remittance to those whose financial circumstances may otherwise lead to refusing their child the opportunity to take part.

Classroom Materials.

No charge is made for materials and equipment. However, the school reserves the right to request a voluntary contribution towards Art, Design Technology and Food Technology materials. The request will be made during the Autumn Term when pupils first join the Early Years Foundation. Stage.

Charges for Completing Passport Applications.

Staff are often approached to complete passport applications. There will be a standard charge of £10.00 for each application. Parents will be reminded in the Spring Term via newsletter about this charge.

Charges for Completing Private School Requests for Pupil Information.

When parents of children applying to attend private schools ask the staff to complete forms for the private school regarding children’s progress etc, there will be a charge of £60.00. Parents will be informed about this charge if they request any paperwork to be completed for private school applications.

Lost books.

There will be a charge of £5.00 per book lost.

General Remissions.

The governors reserve the right to remit some or all of the charges for activities where voluntary contributions are requested.  Each applicant for remission of charges will be considered carefully and in strictest confidence by the Headteacher.

Children will all be treated equally regardless of whether their parents have made a voluntary contribution or not.

This policy will be reviewed by the governors’ resources committee and may be amended if appropriate. Any eventuality not covered for by this policy will be considered by the Headteacher and governors and a decision made in line with the Local Authority Policy on charging.

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