Drop Off Zone

The Drop Off Zone (DOZ) provides a unique service to ease congestion outside school in the morning, helping to keep our roads and children safe. It provides a warm welcome for the children as they are personally greeted and helps to make life easier for parents who may need to come and go promptly.

How does it work?

The Drop Off Zone operates from 8.40 – 8.55 a.m. managed by volunteer parents – Friends of Valley End (FOVE) – who are committed to providing a good start for you and your children.

Volunteers receive safety training in procedures and you’ll know who they are as they’ll be wearing high visibility jackets, operating in pairs at the Drop off Zone.

  • Pull up in your vehicle – with your passenger side to the pavement outside the Drop off Zone – with your child ready with belongings.
  • As you stop at the Drop off Zone you’ll be greeted by a FOVE volunteer who will help your child out of your vehicle.
  • Each child is given a flag to hold as soon as soon as they are handed over into FOVE responsibility.
  • Once a group of up to 6 children are gathered with flags, one FOVE volunteer will lead those children to the school entrance where they will be handed over to a member of staff one by one – the flags are counted in and checked by both staff member and volunteer.

This valuable service has won the school a safety award but can only continue with the support of volunteers. Please feel free to use the service but also consider volunteering to help – contact the school office for more information.