Year 1 content

At the end of Year 1 most children should:

• be aware of the importance of following instructions in the correct order
• be aware of a variety of ways in which materials can be joined (for example glue, tape, split pins, treasury tags, stitching)
• understand the importance of using tools safely
• be able to select appropriate tools and materials to undertake a task
• understand how cutting and folding techniques can be used to make paper components (for example a paper “spring”)
• be able to produce a product using a lever or slider
• be able to join materials to make a 3D container (for example a paper cube) or create a 3D model from a flat plan
• be able to assemble, join and combine components (including food products)
• be able to generate ideas, drawing on their own and others’ experiences
• be able to communicate their ideas clearly
• be able to evaluate their own and others’ work and identify areas which might be altered or improved