Please inform the school if your child develops an allergy. A medical form should have been completed when your child/children started school, but situations to do change.


Please try to arrange medical appointments outside of the school day. If you do need to take your child out of school during the day for an appointment let us know in advance if you can. You are asked to sign them out and back in if they return later – this book is in the office. Please indicate in your letter if your child will still require lunch.

First Aid

We follow strict guidelines when dealing with all matters relating to the health and safety of children. We are unable to apply creams/sprays. If your child falls and hurts themselves, we clean the injured area and dry it. If necessary we apply a plaster (please inform us if your child has an allergy to plasters).
With bumps to the head, if it seems minor, we apply a cold compress. We then send a note home to inform parents that a minor bump has happened. All injuries are logged.
If we are concerned at anytime by an injury we will call the parents/guardians straight away.


If your child has to take any medicine during the day, please bring the medicine in its prescribed/dispensed container to the office where you will be asked to complete and sign a form detailing the medicine and the time it is to be given.

In the case of antibiotics which are prescribed three times a day, please administer these at home. When the prescription is for four times a day we can administer one dose at school. We are only able to administer medicines prescribed by medical practitioners. The medicine needs to be brought and collected by an adult at the start/end of the day as we cannot allow children to be responsible for prescribed medicine.


Nits are a common part of school life and the creatures can infest anyone’s hair at any time. It is said they like the cleanest hair!
If your child has nits, please treat them and the whole family. Let the school know so that we may inform other parents who can then take preventative action.