The content of the curriculum will enable the following outcomes.

At the end of Year 1 most children should
• name a range of feelings e.g. happiness, jealousy, loneliness
• think about some of the things they are good at, and begin to explain it to others
• usually know how to act when they feel sad, happy, excited or cross
• talk about things that are important to them and begin to say why
• set small targets
• be able to make choices about things like when to wash their hands, which foods are healthy and when to be careful in the sun
• know that some things in and around the house and school can be dangerous and be able to give some simple reasons why
• tell a trusted adult if they feel unsafe
• name different parts of the body
• name some of the ways of keeping clean, such as washing hands, having a bath, combing hair
• know when something feels wrong, tell a trusted adult and begin to tell someone when they want them to stop
• when they have upset people, know when and how to say sorry
• play and share with others
• recognise that they are different to other people, but that they also have some things that are the same
• explain some of the ways to care for friends and people in their family
• begin to take part in a discussion and listen to others
• make choices, and with help, think about what may happen next
• understand how rules can be helpful