Appendix A

PSHE Lesson Plans 


Theme – Me and My Relationships

Topic – All About Me
All about me
What makes me special?
Topic – My Special People
Me and my special people
Who can help me?
Topic – My Feelings
My feelings (1)
My feelings (2)

Theme – Valuing Difference

Topic – Same and Different
I’m special, you’re special
Same and different
Topic – Different Families and Homes
Same and different families 
Same and different homes
Topic – Kindness and Caring
Kind and caring (1)
Kind and caring (2)

Theme – Keeping Myself Safe

Topic – Keeping my Body Safe
What’s safe to go onto my body
What’s safe to go into my body (including medicines)
Safe indoors and outdoors
Topic – Listening to my Feelings
Listening to my feelings (1)
Topic – People who Help Keep me Safe
Keeping safe online
People who help to keep me safe

Theme – Rights & Responsibilities

Topic – Looking after Myself and my Friends
Looking after my special people
Looking after my friends
Topic – Caring for my Environment
Being helpful at home and caring for our classroom
Caring for our world
Topic – Looking after Money
Looking after money (1): recognising, spending, using
Looking after money (2): saving money and keeping it safe

Theme – Being my Best

Topic – Bouncing Back
Bouncing back when things go wrong
Yes, I can!
Topic – Healthy Eating
Healthy eating (1)
Healthy eating (2)
Topic – Exercise and Sleep
Move your body
A good night’s sleep

Theme – Growing & Changing

Topic – Changes
Life stages – plants, animals, humans
Topic – Life Stages
Human life stage – who will I be?
Where do babies come from?
Topic – Changing bodies
Getting bigger
Me and my body – girls and boys