Appendix B

PSHE Lesson Plans
Year One

Health and Wellbeing – Healthy Lifestyles
Eat WellHealthy Eating/ Teamwork/ Co-operation
Our FeelingsFeelings/ Relationships Education
Harold’s Wash and Brush-UpHealthy Lifestyles/ Personal Hygiene/ Dental Hygiene/ Teeth
Catch It! Bin It! Kill It!Hygiene/ Illness
I Can Eat A RainbowHealthy Lifestyles/ Healthy Eating
Healthy MeHealthy Lifestyles/ Healthy Me
Super SleepSleep/ Healthy Lifestyles
Health and Wellbeing – Keeping Safe
Harold Loses GeoffreyDealing with Loss/ Feelings/ Relationships Education
Who Can Help? (1)Safeguarding/Support Networks/ Bullying/ Feelings/ Relationships Education
Harold’s School RulesRules and Laws/ Safety
What Could Harold Do?Medicines/ Illness/ Safeguarding/ Safety
Health and Wellbeing – Growing and Change
Harold Learns To Ride His BikeGrowth Mind-set/ Resilience/ Achievement
Then And NowGrowing and Change/ Relationships Education
Inside My Wonderful BodyBody Parts
Keeping My Privates PrivatePrivacy/ Body Parts (including genitalia)/ Relationships Education
Taking Care Of A BabyCaring/Growing and Changing/ Communication Skills/ Relationship Education

Relationships – Healthy Relationships
Surprises And SecretsSafeguarding/Secrets/ Assertiveness/ Support Networks/ Relationships Education
Good Or Bad TouchesSafeguarding/ Consent/ Relationships Education
Unkind, Tease Or Bully?Bulling/Safeguarding
Who Can Help? (2)Support Networks/ Bullying
How Are You Listening?Teamwork/ Tolerance/ Co-operation/ Caring
Pass On The Praise!Positive Relationships/ Caring/ Co-operation
Relationships – Feelings And Emotions
Thinking About FeelingsFeelings/ Relationships Education
Harold Has A Bad DayCaring/ Co-operation
Who Are Our Special PeopleCommunity/ Positive Relationships/ Support Networks/ Relationship Education
Feelings And BodiesFeelings/ Emotional Needs/ Support Networks/ Relationships Education
Relationships – Valuing Differences
It’s Not Fair!Bullying/ Caring/ British Values/ Tolerance/ Respect
Good FriendsFriendships/ Conflict Resolution
Same Or Different?Respect/ British values/ Being Yourself/ Tolerance/ Great Get Together/ Relationships Education
Living In The Wider World –  Rules, Rights And Responsibilities
Why We Have Class RulesRules And Laws/ Teamwork/ Co-operation/ British Values/ Democracy
Taking Care OF SomethingCaring/ British Values
Our Special People BalloonsFamily/ Relationships Education
Living In The Wider World – Caring For The Environment
Around And About The SchoolEnvironment/ Outdoor Education/ Pupil Voice
Living In The Wider World – Money
Harold’s MoneyMoney
How Should We Look After Our Money?Money/ Responsibility 

PSHE Lesson Plans – Scarf Coram Education

Year Two

Health and Wellbeing –Healthy Lifestyles
My DayHealthy Lifestyles/ Healthy Me/ Healthy Eating
Harold’s BathroomHygiene/ Dental Hygiene
Harold’s Postcard – Helping Us To Keep Clean and HealthyHygiene/ Illness/ Viruses
My Body Needs…Healthy Lifestyle/ Physical Activity/ Science
What Does My Body Do?Body Parts/ Science/ Physical Activity
Health and Wellbeing –Keeping Safe
How Safe Would You Feel?Safeguarding/ Support Network/ Relationships Education
What Should Harold Say?Safeguarding/ Support Network/ Relationships Education
Harold’s PicnicMedicines/ Drugs/ Safety/ Safeguarding
Respecting PrivacyRelationships Education/ Relationships/ Body Parts (including genitalia)/ Privacy/ Consent
Health and Wellbeing –Growing And Change
You Can Do It!Achievements/ Aspirations/ Resilience/ Building Self-esteem/ Growth Mind-set
Sam Moves HouseDealing With Loss/ Feelings/ Resilience
Haven’t You GrownGrowing Up/ Change/ Relationships Education
My Body, Your BodyRelationships Education/ Relationships/ Appropriate touch/ Body Parts (including genitalia)/ Life Cycles/ Privacy/ Body Image
Relationships – Healthy Relationships
Should I Tell?Safeguarding/ Support Networks/ Secrets/ Relationships Education
Solve the ProblemTeamwork/ Conflict Resolution/ Tolerance/ Respect
A Helping HandTeamwork/ Co-operation
I Don’t Like That!Safeguarding/ Appropriate touch/ Support Networks/ Relationships Education
Bullying Or Teasing?Bullying/ Safeguarding
Don’t Do That!Bullying/ Safeguarding/ Support Network
Types Of BullyingBullying/ Safeguarding/ Support Networks
Some Secrets should Never Be KeptRelationships Education/ Relationships/ Body Parts (including genitalia)/ Privacy/ Consent
Feeling SafeRelationships Education/ Safeguarding
Relationships –Feelings And Emotions
How Are You Feeling Today?Feelings/ Positive Relationships/ Relationships Education
How do We Make Others Feel?Feelings/ Conflict Resolution/ Relationships Education
My Special PeopleSupport Networks/ Positive Relationships/ Relationships Education
Being A Good FriendPositive Relationships/ Friendship
Let’s All Be Happy!Feelings/ Support Network/ Relationships Education
Fun Or Not?Relationships Education/ Privacy/ Appropriate Touch/ Positive Relationships/ consent
Relationships – Valuing Differences
An Act Of KindnessCaring/ Tolerance/ Respect/ British Values
What Makes Us Who We Are?Respect/ Diversity/ Building Self-esteem/ British Values/ Tolerance/ Great Get Together/ Relationships Education
Living In the Wider World – Rules, Rights And Responsibilities
Our Ideal Classroom (1)Rules And Laws/ Caring/ British Values
Our Ideal Classroom (2)Rules And Laws/ Caring/ Safety/ British Values
When I Feel Like EruptingFeelings/ Caring
When Someone Is Feeling Left OutCommunity/ Feeling/ Diversity/ Tolerance/ Respect/ Caring/ British Values
Getting On With OthersCaring/ Co-operation/ Respect/ Rules And Laws/ British Values
Living In The Wider World – Caring For The Environment
How Can We Look After Our Environment?Environment/ Caring/ Community/ Pupil Voice/ Outdoor Education
Living In The Wider World – Money
Harold Saves For Something SpecialMoney/ Saving/ Responsibility
Harold Goes CampingMoney/ Responsibility