At Valley End we are taking the Coronavirus Pandemic very seriously and are working within our community to make sure that everyone remains as
safe and well as possible.

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COVID Protective-Measures-Risk-Assessment-September 2021 (v18)

Outbreak Management Plan


What is the school doing to keep children and staff safe?

The school have consulted with the Department for Education, Covid helpline, and following escalation, the local Health Protection Team. Guidance from these consultations has resulted in a review of current operating models. In light of this we are now implementing the following measures:

  • Minimising contact with pupils across classrooms by keeping children in consistent groups wherever possible.
  • Reintroducing face masks for all staff when in communal spaces such as offices and corridors. (As advised by Surrey County Council Director of Public Health.)
  • Recommending the use of face masks for all adults at pick up and drop off.
  • Restricting visitor access to only essential activities, requiring approval from SLT.
  • Increasing the frequency of lateral flow device (LFD) testing for all staff.
  • Encouraging families to regularly (i.e. twice weekly) conduct LFD tests at home for all family members
  • Maintaining good ventilation in school with doors and windows open – so remember to dress your child in an extra layer under their uniform.
  • Increasing the frequency of regular handwashing and sanitising for all year groups
  • Reviewing the risk assessments of all school and community events and activities.
  • We will be taking all children’s temperatures within the first hour of their arrival into school. Please note that if your child’s temperature is elevated you will need to take them home and book them in for a PCR test, which will need to be negative before they can return to school.

Will I be informed of a new Covid case in the school?

There is currently no requirement from the Department of Education for schools to advise parents when there has been a positive covid case within school. However, we have taken the decision to alert parents when there has been a positive PCR result within their child’s class so parents can be vigilant, look out for symptoms and book a PCR if necessary.

Why has the decision been made to close some classes and not others?

The decision to close some classes has been made once it has become known that there is not enough staff to run a class safely. We prioritise children’s safety when making any decisions.

How long can we expect class closures to continue for?

Covid levels are fluctuating amongst staff and children on a daily basis. We are therefore making decisions based on an ever-changing landscape, with the children’s safety and learning at the forefront at all times.

The very nature of Covid means that recovery times are unpredictable and therefore there is a need to review day by day.

What will the remote learning offer be for my child?

Where we have to close a class, we will aim to provide a mixture of learning activities to be completed at home alongside two ‘live’ lessons delivered throughout the day. This is of course dependent upon class teachers being well enough to deliver the lessons. If staff are unwell, we will send learning activities to be completed at home and will assign a member of staff to the class email account so parents can send in queries and submit work.

Is my child’s class teacher or teaching assistant self-isolating?

It is against school policy to reveal the medical details of any members of the staffing team. Once staff members have returned to school it is their personal choice to talk to the children or parents about these matters.

How regularly will there be changes to the curriculum timetable?

Wherever possible if changes need to be made to the curriculum timetable notice will be given in advance. However due to the unpredictability of Covid we may sometimes need to make changes at short notice.

How will children catch up on missed learning?

The Senior Leadership Team are working steadfastly to put a catch-up plan in place for those children who need additional support on return to school. If you have any concerns about your child’s learning while they are learning from home, please email the class email account and explain which concept your child needs support with. The staff member who is responding will be ready and willing to help.

As a parent, how can I support the school at this time?

  • Test your child for Covid using LFDs at least twice weekly and take their temperature every morning. Monitor your child closely and if they develop any Covid related symptoms book them for a PCR test and do not send them to school while you await the results.
  • Direct any questions to the school via the account.
  • Support the staff team with words of encouragement as they continue to serve the children and families at Valley End.