2015-16 Planned PE Funding

Objective Action Planned Impact Actual Impact
To continue to enhance staff subject knowledge and confidence in teaching and delivery of PE activities.


To continue professional development of staff through courses and training

Subject leader to continue to deliver INSET training to teaching staff.


Subject leader to offer all staff CPD opportunities through PE network. All staff (including TA’s) given outlines of available training.


Staff will maintain delivery of high quality PE lessons.

Teaching staff to continue to work alongside PE lead to ensure transfer of high quality skills.


Increased confidence in staff delivery and subject knowledge.


New schemes of work will be written for Gymnastics to improve quality of teaching of gymnastics.

High quality PE lessons with improved subject knowledge. PE lesson quality is good or above.

Staff have a deeper understanding of how to teach basic movement and gymnastic skills.


Teachers are more confident in their delivery of Gymnastics.


Clear and consistent schemes of work.


To improve the quality of play facilities and playground equipment and enhance the experience of physical activities for the children.


To provide opportunity for increased activity levels during play and lunchtimes.


New playground designed and installed to develop the physical development of all children during outdoor play.


Area for active play and area for imaginative play.


Purchase of new play equipment.


TA’s and Playmaker trained children will organise and run activities/games for all children during playtimes.



Children across EYFS and KS1 will have access to new activity areas in the playground. Enhanced choices for play. Better facilities for coordination, balance and core skills.


Increased and improved opportunities for high quality physical activities during curriculum time and play time.


Increased and improved opportunities and for creative and collaborative physical activities.


The majority of our pupils attain as  expected or above in PE for the end of Key Stage 1.


These developments are monitored by our PE subject leader to ensure that they are sustainable for future years.