Planned Spending of Sports Premium Funding for 2016-17.

Total allocation for 2016–17:- £8560.00 + carry forward of £3339 from 2015 -16


Objective Action Planned Impact Funding Spent Actual Impact
To continue to enhance staff subject knowledge and confidence in teaching and delivery of PE activities.




To continue professional development of staff through courses and training

Subject leader to continue to deliver PE training to teaching staff.





Subject leader to offer all staff CPD opportunities through PE network. All staff (including TA’s) given outlines of available training.

Staff will maintain delivery of high quality PE lessons.

Teaching staff to continue to work alongside PE lead to ensure transfer of high quality skills.


Increased confidence in staff delivery and subject knowledge.


New schemes of work will be written for Gymnastics to improve quality of teaching of gymnastics.

£3956 Increased confidence of teaching staff in delivering areas of PE.

New activities delivered.

TA’s delivering more physically interactive sessions with children and leading physical activities through intervention groups.

Good and outstanding features in PE lessons delivered.

LB attended Gymnastics course; info disseminated to staff.

DE attended Dance course; information disseminated.


Improved profile of PE across the school.


Staff access to bank of ideas/resources and TA’s have a resource file for playground games and activities.


Continued training where identified.

To enhance staff subject knowledge and confidence when delivering physical activities at lunch time.


Subject leader to deliver physical activity training to lunchtime staff.



Increased staff knowledge and confidence to deliver structured physical activities during lunchtime.





















Structured games being played in playground. Improvement in behaviour, particularly with some of the Year 1 boys who need the structure and organization of games.

Increased numbers of children participating in playground games.

To enhance the provision of structured physical activities during lunch times. Lunch time staff to be trained as above.


Pupils to take part in daily, structured physical activities during lunch times.

  Increased numbers of children making choices to play structured activities and games. Better playground behaviour.

Year 2 children have been leading activities in the playground. Improved confidence in leading activities among children. Better involvement of children playing across year groups.

To plan and deliver a sports ‘taster day’. Pupils to have opportunities to try out different sporting activities.   This did not take place.
To improve and enhance the quality of physical activities whilst using new facilities and playground equipment.


To provide opportunity for increased activity levels during play and lunchtimes.


Subject leader to model and train staff to use playground equipment for high quality physical activity.



TA’s and Playmaker trained children will organise and run activities/games for all children during playtimes.


Children across EYFS and KS1 will have access to new activity areas in the playground. Enhanced opportunities for play and high quality physical activities. There are clear areas for activities in the playground. Children made more informed decisions about their involvement. Increased numbers of children are playing structured games/activities.

Raised pupil confidence and ability in using facilities and leading activities themselves.

Positive attitudes towards playtimes and activities.

Positive impact on behaviour.

To increase coordination and enhance motor control skills for selected children.


To increase levels of physical fitness and exertion amongst pupils.



To increase the participation of children whom access to extra-curricular clubs may be difficult

Zumba sessions led by Zumba teacher on a weekly basis for identified children.


Alterative and extra physical fitness opportunities to be offered during curriculum time.



Early morning Zumba and dance opportunities during curriculum time.

Improved proprioception, concentration, coordination and motor control for children.


Improved proprioception, concentration, coordination and motor control for children.











Groups of children have shown improvement in coordination and control.

Whole of Year 2 performed Zumba dance session on Sports Day.

Improved gross motor skills in children.

Increased numbers of children engaged in physical activity across the school.

Broader range of activity experienced across the school.

Community links with local suppliers.

Carry forward: – £2553