Autumn 2020
Review: Autumn 2022

At Valley End Infant School, the staff and governors are fully aware of the dangers that over exposure to sunlight can have on the skin. We believe that a good grounding in sun safe practices now will help to ensure that the children continue to be safe in the sun. The following statement sets out the main aspects of our policy to protect children.

As a school we:

  • Develop awareness of sun safety delivered through the Personal, Health and Social Education curriculum for staff and children through the provision of information and available resources to teachers and support staff.
  • Communicate expectations to parents through information via newsletter reminders, including relevant websites to visit and information leaflets.
  • Adopt rigorous procedures in line with this policy to protect children.

Application of Sun Cream

Parents are asked to apply sunscreen before the start of school. This ensures that there is no cross contamination, or the possibility of allergic reaction.

Supportive strategies

  1. A pro-active supervision procedure during lunchtimes. This includes checking children have the appropriate attire e.g. sunhats, encouraging use of shaded areas in which to play. This will focus on those children whose parents have not applied sunscreen, or protective clothing.
  2. Sunhats are considered to be part of school uniform, and can either be from home, or recommended school ones with a flap at the back to protect the vulnerable neck areas. Caps from home must be full- head caps/hats.
  3. Provision of information to parents on the type and recommended preventative strategies for sun safety.
  4. Encourage and ensure through advance notice that parents use a preventative approach on special all-day occasions like Sports Day and school trips.
  5. The provision of a balance of indoor and outdoor activities in the Summer Term, with special regard to the location of activities e.g. the use of shaded areas on the field for PE, covered areas as in Early Years, and playing in the wooded areas after lunch on very hot days. At lunchtimes, supervisors monitor pupil movement. Many activities are planned for outside in the Summer Term in all areas of the curriculum.
  6. Provision of seating in shaded areas on the field and on the playground.
  7. Modelling of “sun safe practices”. All adults adhere to sun safe practices.