Year 1 Learning Objectives

Autumn Term  w/b Monday 27th September

This week in school we will be learning…



  • To revise the phase 3 sounds ‘ai’, ‘oa’, and ‘igh’.
  • To describe the troll using describing words (adjectives.)
  • To rewrite a familiar story using finger spaces and full stops – The Three Billy Goats Gruff.


  • To recognise coins.
  • To add amounts to 11p and beyond.

Foundation learning

Science – To know the differences between humans and animals.

Computing – To use a keyboard to type on a computer.

Music – To explore how to change the sound of an instrument.

RE – To discuss what Christians think God is like.

PSHE – To talk about our feelings.

History – To compare seaside holidays 100 years ago to now.

PE – Games: To throw and catch a ball accurately. 

Gym: To create and perform simple movement phrases in response to simple tasks.

Art – To create a painting using tints I have mixed in the style of the artist Paul Klee.