Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to the Valley End C of E Infant School website where we would like to tell you more about our wonderful school.

Every child who comes to Valley End is nurtured and seen as an individual who will learn at a different pace at different times and will be supported and guided at the beginning of their long learning journey, which we believe will last all of their life. We provide the secure foundation of learning which is so important to ensure each child has the very best start to build upon.

In Early Years the children learn through play – and opportunities to play carry on throughout the school. Every class has an outside area where children can use and develop their imagination which with skilful teaching translates into learning. There is lots of fun and excitement at Valley End both in and out of the classroom all year round.

As governors we are always working to ensure that the children are at the very heart of all our decisions as we continually move forward and ensure that there is improvement and a secure, safe learning environment. We also make sure that the best staff are appointed throughout the school and so have a fantastic team who inspire children, feeding their natural desire to learn.

Valley End is judged by Oftsed an outstanding school and we are very proud to be a school where the results are indeed outstanding. However, we do believe that behind every result there is a child who needs to be cherished and given opportunities to grow in every way.

We are fortunate that we are supported by our local church, St Saviour’s, which we visit as a whole school at the beginning and end of every term.

I have only been Chair of Governors for a short time but have been a governor at Valley End for many years – actually so long that both of my children who attended Valley End are at university now! I love the passion and vision we have for every child and continue to support and challenge the school to make sure that we strive for the best for every child.

For many years I have spoken with children as they are leaving and they tell me how much they have learned, what they would like for their future and how much fun they have had at Valley End, assuring me that our children have been safe, happy and are confident, which is what I wanted as a parent and will work with the superb team at school to ensure it continues.

Mrs. Yvonne McLeod

Chair of Governors, Valley End C of E Infant School