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Monday 15th June and Monday 22nd June


Over the next 2 weeks, we are learning about mini-beasts and their habitats, focusing on slugs, snails and ladybirds.

  • Research mini-beasts, using non-fiction books and the Internet.
  • Talk about where mini-beasts like to live. Discuss the different environments, thinking about why they might live there.
  • Go on a mini-beast hunt in your garden, or local field and woods.
  • Count the different types of mini-beasts – try keeping a tally or chart of mini-beasts found during a day or week.
  • Talk about their symmetry – draw some mini-beasts.
  • Continue to practise your Number Targets.
  • Continue to read every day and log book titles in the yellow Reading Record. Your child can write the book titles in themselves now.

Continue to practise phonics, using Phase 2 and 3 guidance in your child’s Blue Books – use PhonicsPlay to help revise these Phonics.