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For the weeks beginning 18th March

  • Over the next two weeks, our topic will be ‘Transport’. We will be looking at different types of transport, how they move and what they are used for. Next week, we will be writing about train rides. If you have not had the chance to send your photographs in, please do so by
    Friday 22nd March. Thank you.
  • Continue to talk about signs of Spring. Look in the garden and in other local areas for signs of new life, including buds on trees, shoots at ground level and other living things, such as frog spawn and lambs.
  • Practise telling the time to the o’clock and half past, include analogue and digital clocks.
  • Look at different lengths of time; minute, hour, day. Try timing activities, such as brushing teeth, travelling to school to help your child develop concepts of time.

We would like to send home your child’s art work.
Please send a large, named carrier bag into school


Our learning themes this term are;

All About Me

The children will be discussing what makes them special and learning about similarities and differences between each other. They will be looking at how they have changed since they were a baby. They will also be learning about families, including who is in their family, who they live with, how their families may be different from other families and writing about their grandparents.


The children will be investigating man-made and natural materials, through stories such as Noah’s Ark, Three Bags Full and The Blue Balloon. They will also have a pirate themed week, when learning about water.


The children will be learning about different forms of transport, including land, sea and air. They will also be asked to go on a train ride, to help deepen their understanding of different forms of transport.

The Easter Story and Signs of Spring

The children will share Bible stories about Easter as well as learning about Spring and new life.