Week beginning 17th September
Home Support
  • Ask your child in the morning to try to remember one thing that they really enjoyed doing that day and to tell you when you pick them up. (This will encourage them to take pride in their learning).
  • Practise recognising 0-10 in any order.
  • Practise ordering numbers 0-10.
  • Count up to 10 objects accurately, touching each object to check they have all been counted.
  • Practise your new sounds, don’t forget to read and sound out words using those sounds.
  • Practise undoing and doing up buttons and zips.



Our learning themes this half term are;
Weeks 1 – 4 – Nursery Rhymes  as theme with an emphasis on belonging and starting school, learning about routines in school and getting to know each other – all about belonging and being special. We will also look at Autumn and Harvest and colours.
Week 5 and 6 – the theme is dinosaurs, a continuation of Harvest and starting celebrations – we will be looking at what makes a good friend in this too and making friends.
Week 7 – Diwali – looking at festivals/celebrations linked to Harvest and Firework night and comparing India and the UK.
Week 8 & 9 – Electricity – looking at firework night and firework/bonfire safety, keeping safe around electricity, uses of electricity, light and dark  – linked to Autumn and changes to when it starts to get dark.
Week 10,11 and 12 – All about bears – Bears and the dark (peace at last, sleep little bear, going on a bear hunt and goldilocks) we will look at families here too, caring for each other and the environment and colours in the natural world  and we will  continue with light and dark
Week 13,14,15 – all about Christmas, following on from Christmas craft day – the Christmas story, nativity play  – celebrations and family continued – looking at the bible as a special book for Christians and learning about Christmas traditions.