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Week beginning 20th November

  • We are continuing our bear topic. Our main story book this week is ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.
  • Please go for your own bear hunt! Look at and discuss the changes in nature, including trees, leaves, weather and sunlight. Talk about the different surfaces you may walk on…what words can you think of to describe them? What are the animals doing to survive the winter?
  • Please help your child to pronounce the sounds correctly, i.e. ‘th’ (three) with the tongue out rather than ‘f’ sound and ‘th’ (this) with the tongue out rather than ‘v’ sound.
  • Continue to practise the handwriting family:-
    c, a, d, g, o
  • Practise looking at a clock and telling the time for ‘o’clock’. Remind the children to look for the long hand pointing to the 12 and the short hand to the ‘hour’ number.
  • Please continue to send your child into school with a named, warm coat, scarf, hat and gloves. It’s beginning to get very cold for them at playtimes and lunchtime.