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Week beginning 16th April


  • Over the next half term we will be learning about Africa. If you have anything at home that your child can talk about, that comes from Africa, please send it in (nothing too precious!) We would like to build up an African display, in the classrooms, so please let us know if you are happy for us to keep them for the next 6 weeks. (Please ensure your child can talk about the things they bring in, or attach some information to help us out)
  • Talk about Africa and locate it on a map/ globe. If you visit a library, look for Africa stories/ tales/ information.
  • Problem solving – be able to recognise, order and compare numbers. Look at the value of a number, which group is more/ less, make estimations, order numbers to 20, forwards and backwards, find the missing number.
  • Please practise writing the following letters, in cursive letter formation;

b  h  r  m  n