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Monday 3rd July – Friday 7th July

  • New children will be visiting Frog and Mole classes this week. During this week, your child will be a “Buddy” to a new child, starting at Valley End. Please talk with your children about how to be kind and helpful to the new children. Ask them how they felt starting school and visiting their new classroom/ meeting new children. What can you do to help the new children? What will you play with them?
  • We are learning about Christianity, Bible Stories and the Church. Please discuss the Bible and, if you visit a local church or pass a church, talk about parts of the church, including the exterior features. We will also be visiting Saint Saviour’s Church over the next week or two.
  • Revisit money – recognising coins up to £1.00. Count in 1s and 2s. Make amounts up to 20p, using different coins. Play some shopping games, making amounts and giving change.
  • Continue to practise number targets.
  • Continue to read every day and record your child’s reading.
  • Continue to practise phonics, using the homework in your child’s Blue Books.