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Monday 27th January

  • We are continuing our journey to different parts of the world. This week we will be learning about China and discussing Chinese New Year. Use the Internet, books and maps to talk about China and Chinese culture.
  • We are also talking about what makes something special.
    Talk at home about what makes them special, including what they look like, things they can do, things they like and dislike.    Extend the discussion to family, friends, hobbies, books, events and memories. We will be discussing the Bible as a special book for Christians and sharing bible stories.
  • Practise telling the time to the o’clock (analogue clocks).
    Talk about the numbers on a clock face and what each hand (minute and hour) on a clock does.
  • Continue to learn phonics, tricky words and practising number targets.
  • Please keep practising your name, as we’d love for all our Frogs and Moles to receive their handwriting certificate by the Summer Term. Some children have already gained their handwriting certificate, for being able to correctly (and consistently) write their name, in a neat, cursive script. Congratulations to those children, Mr Mead was pleased to see you in Celebration Assembly.

Our learning themes this term are;

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