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Monday 9th March

  • We are focusing on the ‘Blue Balloon’ story this week, looking at how materials change through different forces including bending, stretching, pushing and pulling.
  • Look for signs of Spring in the local environment and discuss.
  • Practise using finger spaces between words when writing. Try writing simple sentences using your homework words (Phonics and Tricky Words).
  • Practise recognising all numbers to 20 and putting them in the correct order from 0-20 and back again.
  • To recognise and name different coins, including 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p. Talk about the value of each coin and what each coin is worth. Play shops! Paying for amounts using 1p and 2p coins only.

This week, we would be grateful for your
empty toilet rolls cylinders please.
Many thanks

Our learning themes this term are;

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