Year 1 Learning Objectives

Autumn Term  w/b Monday 13th September

This week in school we will be learning…


  • To say a sentence aloud before writing it down.
  • To use descriptive language to write about a farm animal eg The pink pig rolled in the sticky, brown mud.
  • To revise the phase 3 sounds ‘sh,’ ‘th’ and ‘ee.’


  • To say the number that is one more or one less than a given number.
  • To add two groups together to find a total using counting. 
Foundation learning


  • Science – To draw and label the external parts of the human body.

    Computing – To identify a computer and its main parts.

    Music – To perform a steady beat at two different speeds.

    RE – To identify and label the features of a church.

    PSHE – To understand how humans grow and change as they get older.

    Geography – To identify the features of a seaside.  E.g.  Pier, Lighthouse, Promenade. 

    PE – Games: To bounce a ball with control.

    Gym: To repeat different rolls and begin to link basic gymnastic movements.

    Art – To make a collage in primary colours and to talk about the artist Piet Mondrian.