Autumn Term 2018


In Year 1 this term our themes are:-
  • Transitioning from EYFS to Year 1, learning to work and play together as classes, taking care of each other.
  • Thinking about our holidays now and what they were like in the past.
  • Thinking about toys we play with now and what they were like in the past.
  • Finding out what Christians believe God is like and why Christmas is important to Christians.
  • Finding out about different types of animals including ourselves and our senses.

Class learning objectives
w/b Monday 15th October


  • To write a story with a beginning, middle and end.
  • To use the ‘ng’ phoneme, as in bang and thing.


  • To revise length and shape.
  • To logically work through a maths investigation.

Monday 2pm – ICT safety meeting
Friday – coffee morning!