Spring Term 2019


In Year 1 this term our themes are:-


  • Looking at different types of homes now and in the past. What they are made of, what they are like to live in and how they compare to the homes we live in.
  • Investigating different materials and what they are used for.
  • Finding out about Winter and how it is different from Autumn.
  • Finding out about who Christians believe Jesus is and why he told parables.
  • Looking at work by the artist L.S.Lowry and emulating his style.

Class learning objectives
w/b Monday 15th July 2019


  • To review all we have learnt this year!
  • To review all tricky words.


  • Time – to tell the time to o’clock, half past, the passing of time and the seasons.


Theatre – Monday afternoon
Tuesday – Road safety morning!



Summer Term 2019

In Year 1 this term our themes are: –

  • Seasonal change, butterflies, plants and Summer.
  • Our environment, continents, Africa and the UK.
  • Learning about the Jewish faith.
  • Rhythm, pulse, pitch and African music.
  • Sewing, sketching and African art.
  • Games and athletics.