Planned Spending of Sports Premium Funding for 2017-18.

Total allocation for 2017–18:- £17130 + £2553 carried forward from 2016-17  


Objective Action Planned Impact Funding Allocated Actual Impact
To further improve and embed the delivery of high quality PE and sport by school’s staff.


To enhance staff subject knowledge and confidence in teaching and delivery of PE activities.





Subject leader to continue to deliver PE training to teaching staff through a structured programme of observations and team teaching.


Leadership release time to monitor and evaluate the impact of PE and Sports premium on quality of teaching and learning in PE by all staff who deliver the curriculum.





Children will be able to access high quality resources to develop their gross motor skills. More children will achieve the ELG in Physical development due to improvements in resources and teaching and learning.


Staff will maintain delivery of high quality PE lessons.


Teaching staff will continue to work alongside PE lead to ensure transfer of high quality skills.



To continue professional development of staff through courses and training Subject leader to offer all staff CPD opportunities through PE network. All staff (including TA’s) given outlines of available training. Increased confidence in staff delivery and subject knowledge.




To plan and deliver sports ‘taster’ days. Pupils to have opportunities to try out different sporting activities. Pupils inspired and encouraged to take up different sporting activities.  


To provide opportunities for increased activity levels during play and lunchtimes. PE lead to continue to deliver Playmaker Award to Yr 2 children.

Playmaker trained children will organise and run activities/games for all children during playtimes in summer term.

Children across EYFS and KS1 will have access to new activity areas in the playground. Enhanced opportunities for play and high quality physical activities.  


To purchase new equipment to enhance PE and Sport across the school. Purchasing of equipment to enhance new sports and activities that have been learnt by the children over the year. Pupils able to have access to and to learn extra-curricular and new sports and activities. £5004  
To increase pupils’ physical coordination, focus and concentration. Zumba sessions planned for Friday mornings. Increased focus, coordination and concentration from pupils. £130  

£188 to be carried forward