Activities for Early Years, whilst the school is closed
From 13th – 21st July 2020 

Please continue to add to your scrapbook or record on paper or electronically some of the learning you have been up to at home.

Remember you can include photographs, writing, models, illustrations.

This information is only a guide to some of the learning that you can do, we do not expect every task to be completed and you may have some fantastic ideas of your own too!

Next week, our topic is transition and looking at how you have changed in the last year. What are you looking forward to doing in the holidays, what are you looking forward to doing in your new class? What have you learnt in the last year? 

Literacy (Reading and Writing) and Communication and Language (Listening and Attention, Understanding and Speaking) 

  • Complete the butterfly worksheet, in preparation for moving to Year 1. Keep this somewhere safe, so that your child can give it to their new teacher in September.
    (See attachment “Spreading My Wings from Reception to Year 1”).
  • “My Wish for Year 1” is a star template your child can complete, expressing their goals for Year 1. You can use the attachment or create a colour star template to write on.
  • Surrey Libraries are reopening. Visit one if you can and help your child understand how a library works. There are also   some useful links, if you cannot visit a library, including a link to the Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge.

Maths (Number, Space, Shape and Measure) 

  • Revisit all your Number Targets from your Blue Home School, including shape, time and money.
  • The following Websites, that you may be familiar with now, offer ideas for KS1 that you may want to look at, for extending your child’s mathematical development.

Expressive Arts and Design (Art, Music and Drama)

  • In January we all made a Wish Fairy, where we thought of something we would like to get better at, or something we would like to do to help others or learn more about. Talk to your child about this and perhaps they could make a new Wish Fairy or something to celebrate the successes and achievements linked to their Wish. 
  • Role-play ideas from the “Getting Ready for Year 1” skills list.
  • Sing some Valley End songs, use the assembly links to help you.

Physical Development (PE, Games, Gym and Fine Motor) 

  • Practise your handwriting, every day. Use the videos in Frog and Mole video folders to help with your letter formation. There are now some handwriting worksheets there too.

Understanding the World (ICT, Science, Geography, RE, Design and Technology) 

  • See attachment “Net of A Cube”. The idea for this is to be able to keep a memory in a box. Write your favourite memory from Reception, on the net the box, decorate the other side and then create the cube. 
  • Talk about the Valley End Golden Rules and how they are important at school and at home.
  • Visit this website for some fun science experiments that you can try out over the Summer Holiday
  • Are you going away for a summer holiday? If you have a favourite place to visit or somewhere you would like to visit, paint a picture and find out some facts about where in the world your favourite place is.
  • Send us a postcard, whether you are going away or not!

Tricky Words and Phonics

  • Revise all the sounds you have in your Blue Home School Book and also, all the sounds from your Home Learning.
  • See attachment “Summer Holiday Revision”.

We look forward to see your Home Learning this week 😊