Subject overview – Physical Education

The aims and intention of Physical Education.

At Valley End Infant School, we recognise the value of high-quality Physical Education and aim to develop the ability to excel in a broad range of physical activities that adhere and match the national curriculum requirements.

It is our aim that pupils achieve success in several physical activities at an age appropriate level and follow age-related expectations. The curriculum also aims to allow children to be challenged beyond age expectations in order that they can achieve at their potential level. Children will learn how to be physically skilful and have a good knowledge of the body in action.

Physical education is viewed as a subject in its own right yet we understand that it impacts on the whole child and across all school subjects. Physical fluency is essential for success across many subjects. It is therefore our intention at Valley End for all children to be physically active for sustained periods of time and to foster an understanding of the importance of leading healthy lives for continued long term health and well-being.

As leaders ourselves, we anticipate that our young children become physically confident enough so that they are able to cooperate and collaborate, even leading others, with an understanding of fairness and teamwork. We want to embed strong values and build character for life long learning through our Physical Education curriculum.

We intend that the young children at Valley End can think in different ways to suit a wide variety of creative and challenging activities when they plan, perform and evaluate theirs and others actions.

We hold closely the importance that all our pupils have an enthusiasm for Physical Education, demonstrate a keen interest for participation in sport and healthy activity and show a highly positive attitude in order for them to make informed decisions about engaging in future activities outside of school and into later life. We aim to create a love of all things active!

The implementation of Physical Education and how it is taught.

Children at Valley End follow a high-quality broad, balanced and challenging curriculum in Physical Education.

Children access a minimum of two lessons of Physical Education per week with other opportunities for addition movement and exercise included in the school day.

Physical Education lessons have clear objcetives and success criteria. We teach lessons that give children the opportunity to participate at their own level yet extend their skills and challenge them at the right level. We build on basic skills, embed these and stretch further where appropriate. Each lesson develops good sporting attitudes with a relevance to rules and competition where appropriate. Children at Valley End learn in a secure environment, yet one where they can challenge themselves safely.

Where outside agencies and specialist staff are employed for Physical Education lessons the teaching staff work alongside them for training opportunities to develop personal skills. Staff are given the opportunity to work with experts in their field and learn from demonstrations of good practice.

Each year three extra ‘activity days’ are planned where staff lead new skills to encourage a breadth of skills for children. Alongside this, existing skills are embedded and developed.

Our curriculum at Valley End incorporates a variety of sports, dance and gymnastic skills to ensure all children develop the confidence, tolerance and appreciation of their own and others’ strength and weaknesses.

Where appropriate and necessary physical interventions are put in place and structured to support pupils needing extra help with motor control and physical development.

All our pupils here are catered for regardless of their physical ability; lessons are differentiated accordingly to include all abilities.

We provide opportunities for all children to engage in extra-curricular activities in addition to competitive events within school. Our strong links with other local schools provides the chance for inter school competition. Our inclusive approach endeavours to encourage not only physical development of the children but also positive and healthy well-being.

The impact of Physical Education and how it prepares children for their next stage of education.

Our curriculum aims to improve the well being and fitness of all the children at Valley End, not only through the sporting skills taught, but through the underpinning values and disciplines that PE promotes.

The skills that are taught in PE lessons throughout the school progress across the years.

Through their Physical Education experiences at Valley End the children learn about their strengths, aptitudes and preferences and understand the benefits of choosing to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. They are prepared for making informed choices about how to get involved in activities and therefore adopt a lifelong desire to participate.

Where children are taught well, allowed to achieve success and are inspired they will continue to lead healthy and active lifestyles into adult life. Here at Valley End, by providing opportunities for children to become physically confident we support their health and fitness.

The opportunities given to compete in sports and other events build character and confidence and continues to embed values such as fairness and respect.

Within our lessons, children are taught about self-discipline and that to be successful they need to take ownership and responsibility for their own health and fitness. Our impact is therefore to motivate children to utilise the skills they have learnt in an effective and independent way in order to live happy and healthy lives.