Science at Valley End

Our Approach:

“Science is an integral part of modern culture. It stretches the imagination and creativity of young people”

At Valley End Infant School, we believe the focus of science teaching is to enable pupils to experience and observe phenomena and stimulate children’s curiosity and interest in the world around them.

By using curiosity, and questioning, we develop pupil’s knowledge of materials and the natural world to help them understand scientific ideas and promote healthy living.
We develop their scientific vocabulary and begin to use simple scientific language so that they can communicate and explain their growing understanding of the world around them.
Science links directly with practical experiences and, through first hand scientific experiments, pupils enhance their scientific knowledge and develop key skills such as observing, questioning, predicting, investigating, fair testing, grouping, researching and problem solving.

We believe that through science we can promote children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding and promote an appreciation for life in modern Britain.
By engaging and challenging the children in scientific discussions which are relevant to them and the world in which they live in, they become confident in communicating, evaluating and explaining their findings and are able to then make links with other subjects.