Design and Technology approach


“D&T is a perfect example of head and hands working together. Having to think about purposes and users for their products is much more demanding than simply following instructions to make something. Children have to think and plan, as well as do and create. This can be challenging but extremely satisfying – as well as great fun!” (The Design and Technology Association –
At Valley End School, children are encouraged to think imaginatively and to solve problems creatively through a variety of practical activities. Many of the important skills developed though designing and making help with learning across the curriculum, such as mathematics, science, ICT and art. Children are encouraged to select tools and materials and to use them sensibly and safely. Specific knowledge and skills are taught and understanding developed through exploring and evaluating a range of existing products and in taking part in focused practical tasks including cooking. Our focus is not just on an end product; the whole iterative process encourages children to make decisions for themselves, develop their ideas and to be empowered to evaluate their design so they learn to create quality products.

Design and technology education involves two important elements:

• learning about the designed and made world, and how things work
• learning to design and make appealing, functional products for particular purposes and users.