The aims and intention of Art and Design.

“Art and Design is not just a subject to learn, but an activity that you can practise: with your hands, your eyes, your whole personality.”
Quentin Blake, Children’s Laureate

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At Valley End Infant School, we believe that Art and Design contributes to many areas of the school curriculum by encouraging children to be independent, think creatively, generate ideas and find their own solutions for a given task. It often involves working in pairs or small groups thus developing team work and pride in tasks achieved together.We aim to develop knowledge, understanding and an enjoyment of Art and Design.. We aim to teach and develop specific skills in drawing, painting, print making, textiles and three dimensional work. We also aim to teach pupils about the life, works and the historical and cultural context of famous artists, designers and craft makers.

The implementation of Art and Design and how it is taught.

The planned curriculum for Art and Design at Valley End is structured with a focus on teaching the progression of skills within Art and Design across each year group. Art and Design skills are built up through units of work or during individual lessons.Pupils are taught to use appropriate artistic materials and tools depending on the task that is being taught.

Pupils are taught to produce creative work where they explore their ideas and record their experiences. They are also taught to develop and improve their drawings, paintings and 3D skills as well as other techniques.

Pupils also anaylse and evaluate the works of famous artists in order to inform their own artistic development.

The impact of Art and Design and how it prepares children for their next stage of education.

The teaching of Art and Design at Valley End results in pupils having good quality art and design skills as well as a love of creativity. They are also able to appreciate and have a good knowledge of the life and works of a range of famous artists and can discuss how this knowledge influences their own artistic skills.