Subject overview – Religious Eduction

The aims and intention of Religious Education.

We aim for Religious Education to give children in our school a unique opportunity to reflect on and learn from the faiths and beliefs of those around them. We plan to engage with chidren’s natural curiosity and help them to gain the skills to question and reflect at a deeper level. Effective Religious Education at Valley End has much to offer our children as they prepare for life in this rapidly changing world, where critical thinking and discernment will be ever more important and valuable.

The teaching of RE also aims to enhance pupils’ spiritual moral and cultural development and we recognise the importance of helping children learn to respect different religious faiths and gain a broader understanding of the moral and spiritual world.

The implementation of Relgious Education.

At Valley End we are required by law to provide Religious Education (RE) for all registered pupils. RE must be taught according to the locally agreed syllabus (The Revised Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Surrey Schools 2017 – 2022). Valley End is a Church of England controlled school and as such follows the Agreed Syllabus for Surrey. Learning within RE is scaffolded between each group and knoweldge and skills are progressed and built up apprpriately.

Weekly RE lessons:-

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and of the other principal religions and beliefs represented in Great Britain.
  • Develop interest in and enthusiasm for the study of religion and beliefs and enhance their own spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and promote empathy, generosity and compassion.
  • Enable children to develop the ability to make reasoned, informed and creative responses to religious and moral issues and therefore develop respect for others and the World.
  • Recognise and respect the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on the individual, on culture and on communities throughout the world and therefore encourage children to consider their responsibilities and how they might contribute to their communities and to wider society.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the nature and belief and the important contribution of religious and spiritual insights and values to the individual’s search for the meaning of life, whilst acknowledging that this may also come from a non-religious perspective.
  • Pupils are encouraged to think deeply and ask and attempt to answer more open-ended questions.
  • Where possible links are made to other subject and curriulum areas.

The impact of Relgious Education and how it prepares children for their next stage of education.

Through the teaching of Religious Education at Valley End, children feel valued and empowered within their own understanding and ideas. They gain an understanding of faiths around the World and the important role that they and others play within them.

The teaching and leanring of RE allows children to develop important life skills such as empathy, respect, sense of community and understanding. It also enables them to have a sense of belonging as global citizens and the part that they play in the World’s future. RE at Valley End also helps children to develop their own belief system and faith journey.

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